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School Effectiveness provision will be led and overseen by Gemma Barber, Trust Education Director.  Gemma will be supported by a Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Lead, Steph O'Neill, who will support school effectiveness across the Trust's secondary and primary provision.

Support available to schools

DSAMAT works closely with a number of providers to support school development, effectiveness and improvement.  The Trust utilises strengths in leadership, curriculum development and innovation from across the 137 schools that make up the St Albans Diocesan network of schools.  Diocesan Head teachers, senior leaders and curriculum specialists are already working across the Trust's schools enhancing the support available from within the Trust.

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In addition Gemma and Steph will be supported by a team educational consultants who offer a range of specialist school improvement and curricular services to schools.  These are either paid for centrally or purchased by individual schools to improve provision in specific areas.  The amount of support provided centrally to each Academy will be determined by need.

Through the Board of Education a range of courses, conferences and events are delivered each year.  Active collaboration between schools, whether stand-alone or clusters, is encouraged, along with Trust Wide projects.  Building professional relationships between schools is at the heart of what the DSAMAT do - every school has something unique to offer.

Monitoring School Improvement

Academies within DSAMAT will have their performance monitored on a regular basis.  The nature and frequency of these monitoring visits will depend on the Academy's specific needs and OFSTED grading.  These reports will be presented each term to the Directors of the Trust.  The Trust collects standardised data to enable it to effectively analyse pupil progress data and support schools accordingly.  On being admitted to the DSAMAT, each Academy will use a School Challenge Adviser appointed by the Trust and a centrally appointed consultant will undertake the Headteacher's Appraisal process and monitor the impact of all performance management procedures taking place across each Academy.


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