The Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust was established in September 2016 by the Diocese of St Albans.

We are an inclusive Trust, working with Church of England schools in the Diocese of St Albans (the Local Authority areas of Hertfordshire, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Luton parts of the London Borough of Barnet and two parishes in Buckinghamshire), as well as community schools.

We are passionate about creating and maintaining schools that serve their local communities through the provision of a rich and diverse curriculum underpinned by Christian Values.  We are driven by a desire to help schools provide a great education, which has a lifelong, positive impact for children.

Why the Trust exists

The Trust was created to enable schools to become greater.  We have a shared vision and commitment, and a strong sense of purpose.

  • We want all children to have access to a great education that will change their life for the better
  • We believe that schools are stronger when they work together, support each other and share excellence
  • We want to help schools be the best that they can be long term, for the next generation

Our shared vision, values and ethos

Our academies have a shared vision and values.  These shape all of our work.

            Enabling all to flourish: Rooted in God's Love

Together our academies work to be places of:

        Hope: Nurture: Collaboration: Equality: Respect

Our vision and values are underpinned by our Church of England foundations:

     I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full  (John 10 v 10)


The Trust today

The Trust admitted its first Academies, Churchfield CE Academy, Thomas Whitehead CE Academy and Manshead CE Academy, between 1st March and 1st May 2017.  Two further Academies, Caldecote CE Academy and Kensworth CE Academy, joined the Trust in July and August respectively.  Totternhoe Academy joined the Trust in February 2018.  Roxton VA CofE Academies joined the Trust in the Winter 2018.

Our commitment to a locally based education is delivered through an approach consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England.  The Trust believes in providing a locally based high quality education that enables schools to meet the needs of their local community, whilst benefitting from a regional network of support.  Academies that are part of the Trust retain their name, school uniform, local customs and we promote local engagement in school life.

Being a member of DSA Trust

  • DSA Trust believes in headteacher led schools.  Our heads are part of a team that shares practice, wisdom and experience.  Our school leaders are expected to work as part of our community.
  • We are committed to providing a wide education for our children, so seek schools that are working to develop rounded, positive citizens as well as ensure that they achieve great academic outcomes
  • We support local governance, so can work with existing governing bodies and/or develop capacity through regional boards according to need
  • Schools contribute 5% of the GAG funding to the DSA Trust community to provide central leadership, support, guidance and training to help our schools become greater
  • We agree some central systems and support processes to facilitate efficient shared working, including finance systems, MIS, assessment, HR support, payroll
  • We support compliance, ensuring our community is safe and meets statutory regulations

Future Development

The Trust is committed to continuing to grow sustainably so that we increase our shared organisational efficiency and widen our community of practice.  We are therefore keen to talk to schools that share our commitment and core purposes.  If you would like to talk about becoming a member of the Trust, please do read our "Joining our Trust" pages and download our introduction slides.  Or just give us a call!





Our Academies

Totternhoe CE Academy

Roxton CE Academy

Kensworth CE Academy

Churchfield CE Academy

Thomas Whitehead CE Academy

Manshead CE Academy

Caldecote CE Academy

St Albans Diocesan Multi Academy Trust

Manshead CE Academy, Dunstable Road, Caddington, Luton, LU1 4BB

T: 01525 840183
F: 01525 402451

E: admin@stalbansdmat.co.uk

St Albans Diocesan Multi Academy Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales number 10449374 and an Exempt Charity.
Registered Address: Manshead CE Academy, Dunstable Road, Caddington, Luton, LU1 4BB

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